The Seven Deadly Sins of Capitalism : A Soundtrack

The following musicians, composers, songs are cited in the book (cast of characters in order of appearance):

"I could’ve had religion" (Rory Gallagher)
"Things have changed" (Bob Dylan)
"Runnin' down a dream" (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)
"Splendid isolation" (Warren Zevon)
Elvis Presley
"There goes the neighborhood" (Sheryl Crow)
"Youngstown" (Bruce Springsteen)
"Don’t cry for me AIG Argentina" (Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber)
"Don’t let me down" (The Beatles)
"Take the money and run" (Crosby and Nash, or the Steve Miller Band)
"Mr. Greed" (John Fogerty)
"Main Street" (Bob Seger)
"Money for nothing" (Dire Straits)
"The Wall Street shuffle" (10cc)
"It's alright, Ma (I'm only bleeding)" (Bob Dylan)
"Too much monkey business" (Chuck Berry, superbly covered by the Yardbirds)
"Hard times for honest man" (John Mellencamp)
"Tombstone Blues" (Bob Dylan)
"War" (Edwin Starr)
"Masters of war" (Bob Dylan)
"Talkin’ world war III blues" (Bob Dylan)
"Rule, Britannia!" (James Thomson, Thomas Arne)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
George Gershwin
Duke Ellington
The Rolling Stones
"Shake your moneymaker" (Elmore James)
"Rolling stone" (Muddy Waters)
"Dedicated follower of fashion" (The Kinks)
Igor Stravinsky
"Blue suede shoes" (Carl Perkins)
"The liberty bell" (John Philip Sousa)
"Born to run" (Bruce Springsteen)
"It's money that matters" (Randy Newman)
"57 channels (and nothin' on)" (Bruce Springsteen)
"Everything is good for you" (Crowded House)
"TV screen" (Iggy Pop)
"The liberty bell" (John Philip Sousa)
"57 channels (and nothin' on)" (Bruce Springsteen)

Want to put those words and tunes in their context? Read "The Seven Deadly Sins of Capitalism". Besides, it is of course recommended to listen to the songs and tunes (perhaps not while reading, at least for some!) It should be music to your ears.

The heavy use of musical references is no coincidence. To quote John Miles: "Music was my first love. Ant it will be my last." I paint myself as "a failed musician (even when I used to hit a drum before a neuromuscular problem) but a strong music lover".

While various kinds of rock music top my playlist ("that would be too long to report"), my life and work soundtrack also increasingly includes jazz ("from Dixie to Miles through Duke, especially in the evening"), blues (from the roots to the 60s British boom), country, classical music, ritmo flamenco y latino, folk songs, chancon française, and... brass and marching bands (Sousa and Alford among favorites).

Mike singing some Big Joe Williams blues with his rocking buddy Walter
Mike singing some Big Joe Williams blues with his rocking buddy Walter