What readers say

"A fascinating book…"

Michael Townsend, Founder and CEO of Earthshine Solutions.

"A timely book… Good guidance to find a proper way out of the crises"

Sergio Arzeni, OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship; Head, LEED Programme

"I can recommend this book, which gives a great insight into the flaws of classic and today’s capitalism."

Tania Ellis, founder of The Social Business Company (Denmark)

"A thought-provoking essay written by former TII member, Mike Guillaume, on the causes of the current economic turndown and possible solutions to create a more durable and equitable economic future. He explores the seven excesses which he sees as being responsible for the crisis, advances another seven venial sins that played a role in the decline of capitalism as we know it. In his conclusions, Mike proposes some possible actions or formulas to transcend capitalism and contribute to reinventing a new free market model."

TII Newsletter (Luxembourg)

"A series of books in recent years have set out the thesis behind Cable-nomics. None of the authors can remotely be described as “reds”. ‘The seven deadly sins of capitalism’ sets out how capitalism has changed over three decades since the Thatcher / Reagan revolution. He calls for “reinvention policies” including greater regulation of consolidations and mergers; healthy competition; employee buyouts; economics of scope; innovation; long-term returns; and greater sustainability."

Left Foot Forward, a political blog for progressives (Great Britain)

"A concise book that translates often complex economic mechanisms into concepts easier to grasp."

Alex Messeri, translation specialist (Ireland)

"An important book, well written, handy and very interesting in terms of information, figures and perspectives on the flaws of modern capitalism. Especially the greed upstreams and the impacts of ‘sins’ on democracy, the forgotten workers, wildlife, conservation values regarded as downstreams."

Louise König, Sustainability Manager at The Co-Operative KF (Sweden)

"Most thought-provoking book. Some thoughts and comments have never been more relevant to a world gone mad with excess... Through excellent writing and an interesting approach, the book is most accessible, even to people who are not economists or very "au fait" with the complexities of today's business and economics."

Marsja Hall-Green, former Group corporate affairs manager at Sasol (South Africa)

"... the amount of research you have put in and your fantastic abilities to cross-examine thoroughly all your sources of information, slowly but surely placing side by side all the pieces of that gigantic puzzle that gives us a clear picture of what is our world today behind the shiny corporation entrance doors… I hope your word will spread among the people who played a decisive role in this meltdown and that they will have enough courage to start again with more productive activities and leave the States regulate those who still wants to speculate."

Jean-Charles Drabs, then Administrator at the International Committee of the Red Cross (Geneva, Switzerland)

"An interesting book... based on an original approach of economics and capitalism."

Caroline Gennez, Leader of Flemish SP-A (Social Democrats) (Belgium)

"I have really appreciated the book. Reading it made many feelings I had before about the economic system become articulated as actual concepts. Something else found on this website: the author’s thoughts about Europe open my mind to some prospects or truths I'd never have envisioned such a way."

Innocent Citron, underground journalist (Belgium).

"The first two parts - the analysis of seven and more sins- are very much worth reading. But I was wowed with the third part, which lists more than a hundred possible actions to reinvent the system. Implementing those suggestions would make for... a better world, I guess."

Henk van Dijke, account director at Dart Group (Netherlands)

"... certains livres font figure de remède en matière économique. Ils devraient être remboursés pour leur utilité. ”Les sept péchés capitaux du capitalisme” (« The seven deadly sins of capitalism ») se lit très facilement et est assez jubilatoire par son style incisif et particulièrement documenté. Bourré d’exemples à l’appui de la démonstration… Un excellent antidote à la pensée unique."

Claude Thayse, Leader of the Rassemblement Wallon (Belgium)