Mind reading

"Do we learn from all the questions that we ask?
Do we listen to the past"

Ray Davies ("You're asking me", on "Working Man's Café", 2007)

Ray Davies

A selection of recent articles, comments, books, news or upcoming events on capitalism, economics and economies, society and sociology, politics, trends, crises... on www.mikeconomics.net. To give a broader and independent perspective, spark discussions, spot some trends, and carry on the debate launched in many places, including Mike Guillaume’s book “The Seven Deadly Sins of Capitalism” (2nd edition 2012). Although many articles and comments are picked because of their connection with the book, Mike does not necessarily endorse all the ones published, but found them worthy of attention. The debate goes on!
More minds, reads, ideas in the LinkedIn group and on Mike's Twitter account.
Headlines appear in their original wording. Some words or figures may be highlighted or underlined.
The related sin (capital or venial) as addressed in Mike’s book book (1st and 2nd expanded edition) is referred to below each piece (in orange fonts).

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"I know but one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind"

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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