Mike Guillaume


1999 - Onwards: Co-founder and Managing Director of e.com-ReportWatch (www.reportwatch.net), a company that specializes in report assessment and benchmarking, headquartered in Delaware, U.S. with its head office in London, UK. He has reviewed thousands of reports to investors and stakeholders, and has consulted for more than one hundred and thirty international blue chips and listed corporations in twenty countries. Mike co-founded and has managed the “Annual Report on Annual Reports” ever since.

1987 - 1999: Managing then Executive Director of the Enterprise Group, a consultancy focused on strategic, financial and marketing planning services for small and medium-sized companies. The company was based in Brussels (and later had an office in Texas, U.S.) and was involved in many transnational public-private partnership programs; e.g. between European regions such as Catalonia, North of France, Scotland, and extensively in South-East Asia. For the latter, Mike managed for five years the European leg of a Euro-Asean business cooperation program to promote the use of cogeneration and renewable energies. In the 90s, the Enterprise Group added a financial communication unit to its business and worked on annual reports in the financial sector (the unit was spun off as e.com in 1999 after the group had defaulted). From 1993 through 1997: Supervised the annual report of a large Benelux bank.

1981 - 1987: Co-founded and managed a non-profit association (a “Management Boutique” or “Boutique de Gestion”) to help startups and SMEs (as well as buyouts and spinoffs) prepare their business and financial plans, raise equity and venture capital, get loans and find partners.

1980 - 1981: Junior Consultant at Alexander Proudfoot Corporation (Chicago-Paris-Brussels). Learned American management practices and participated in various restructuring missions in the cement, steel, tobacco, food and other industries in a few areas.

Publications - Seminars - Articles - Academia

- “The Seven Deadly Sins of Capitalism – Reinventing a Model for the Economy, Society and Welfare” (Searching Finance, 2013), a much expanded and revised edition of the book published in 2009.

- “The Seven Deadly Sins of Capitalism” (self-published, 2009), written in the middle of the financial crisis and published simultaneously with the launch of www.mikeconomics.net website.

- Editor of the “Annual Report on Annual Reports”, often regarded as the most authoritative global survey on annual reports (published by e.com-ReportWatch) since 1997.

- Author of articles about reporting, investor relations, financial communication: e.g. “Corporate substance and relevance”, “How are financials reported?”, “The rise and fall of American reports”, “The case against quarterly profit warnings”, et al. (some of these available on http://www.reportwatch.net/report-essentials/)

- “Competing in the Asian Energy Markets – Financial Conditions and Financing Opportunities” (research published in 1996 within the EU-ASEAN Cogen Programme).

- Professor and program manager of international strategy and innovation at St. Louis Business School (Brussels) (1989-1994).

- Contributed monthly articles on strategic and financial management and international economics for a business-to-business banking magazine (1988-1994).

- “L’Entreprise en Compétition” (“The Competing Company”) (Quorum, 1993).

- Regular OECD consultant on entrepreneurship and local employment initiatives in the 80s.

- “Partager le Travail” (“Labor-Sharing Policies”) (Preface by Michel Rocard) (PUF, 1983).

- Research assistant in macroeconomics at the University of Mons-Hainaut (1981-1983).

- Participation in seminars, workshops, roundtables in Britain, Netherlands, Belgium, France, U.S., Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines...


1987: Training on innovation and technology transfer (TII, Luxembourg-London-Barcelona).

1982-1983: Special trainings on financial (and risk) analysis and management (classes by financial institutions’ specialists).

1978-1979: Master in international economics (European economics and politics) (IEE - IES, Brussels).

1974-1978: Graduate in political science and international relations (ULB, Brussels).

1967-1974: Secondary school with a degree in economics (ARG, Gosselies, Belgium).

Personal Notes

Born in Charleroi (Wallonia, Belgium) (1955), Mike (aka Michel pour les francophones, Michael in Deutschland und Österreich, or Miguel en Espanol) has lived, worked and consulted in twenty-five countries on four continents, where he has “a few adopted areas” and has picked “various lifestyle and working features.” Mike defines himself as a cosmopolitan with a mix of Walloon roots (Wallonia is part of Belgium, “which is very much an artificial state and an accident of history”) and Anglo-Saxon culture -made of “an odd mix of a strong U.S. management background and big time -all meanings- spent in Britain, especially in London.” Tracing his lines of descent from two French great-grandmothers -“Guillaume is a Norman name that turned to Gwilliam and then William, and also the name of the winner of the battle of Hastings in 1066, who became the first Norman king of England”- with some family and business ties in North America, and many friends and connections in many places, he is now sharing his time between London, that once was a Roman city, a former Roman village, and a few other international cities. He speaks English, French, Dutch, Spanish and German, and “wouldn’t mind learning other languages when I find some time.” After having played football and tennis in previous lives, his hobbies now include reading, traveling, hiking, biking, watching movies, and "listening to and playing as much music as possible” (he occasionally hits the drum). Mike is also a great fan of historical re-enactments. You can see him sharing time with friends and musicians in marching bands at some of the many events that take place in his home country.

Mike next to his preferred corps of drums
Mike next to his favourite corps of drums (at ease) (in memory of Robert G.)